The Academy

  • Aaron – A friend of Jane’s, and through her the Roomies. Good at Risk. Dated Madison (Fall 2013).
  • Alison – An energetic girl who hangs out with Victor. Big star on the track team. A’14.
  • Allen – The second vocalist in the Roomies’ band. A’16.
  • Blaze – Jane’s ex-boyfriend. A’12.
  • Beatrice – A girl Fred had a crush on. Shares similar interests to him, but it didn’t work out. A’14.
  • Catherine – A former romantic interest of Victor’s (Senior Year). A’14.
  • Clara – A girl who used to go to the Academy, but has since graduated.
  • Demi – Kieran’s ex (Sophomore Year). A’14.
  • Fiona – A friend of Rose’s. Occasionally hangs out with the Roomies and seems pretty cool. A’16.
  • Florida – A small, energetic, and obsessively social girl. A’16. Friend of the Roomies. See “With G Approaching“ for more info.
  • Girl 2 – A girl George had an interest in at one point in life.
  • Juan – The drummer in the Roomies’ band. A’14.
  • Julia – A girl in three of George’s classes, including Physics and Spanish. A’13.
  • Julie – A friend of George’s. A’13.
  • Kimberly – George’s ex (Senior Year). A’14.
  • Landon – One of Kieran’s best friends from the Academy. A’13.
  • Lauren – Beatrice’s best friend and roommate; had a crush on Fred. A’14.
  • Lester – The Roomies’ best friend who graduated from the Academy. He lives in South Africa. See “New Character: LESTER!” for more info. A’12.
  • Liza – A friend of the Roomies. Great friend of Rose’s. Occasionally overwhelmed by life. A’15.
  • Lothario – A friend of George’s. They worked on the newspaper together. A’13.
  • Lucy – An old friend of the Roomies. Lester’s ex (Junior Year).  Fred helps her out from time to time. See “With G Approaching“ for more info. A’13.
  • Madison – A close friend of Fred’s. They dated (Spring 2013), but decided that after Graduation it would be best to break up.
  • Marcia – Selena’s friend from the Academy.
  • Martha – Fred’s ex (Sophomore Year). Big Doctor Who fan.
  • Mogui – A former romantic interest of George’s. Their relationship has been… complex. However, the air is now clear. See “With G Approaching“ for more info. A’13.
  • Naomi – Selena’s friend from the Academy.
  • Natalia – Another friend of the Roomies. Victor’s date to Prom. A’14.
  • Nicole (formerly Girl 1) – Former romantic interest of George’s; in his Spanish class (Freshman – Senior Years) and a fellow swimmer. A wonderful person and a wonderful friend. A’13.
  • Olivia – Fred’s date to Homecoming (Senior Year) and Prom. A’15.
  • Phoebe – Selena’s friend from the Academy.
  • Raleigh – One of Kieran’s best friends from the Academy. A’13.
  • Ricardo – A graduate of the Academy; currently at Princeton with Mogui and Landon. A’13.
  • Rose (aka Girl 3) – Victor’s ex (Senior Year) and a friend of the Roomies. Dating George (since March 31, 2013). A’15.
  • Sen – Distant friend of the Roomies; helped George get through Sophomore year. A’13.
  • Tracy – A former student at the Academy that looks eerily similar to Jane.
  • Vanessa – George’s ex (Junior Year). A’15.
  • – A person who means a lot to Jane. A’13.

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