Other Characters

  • Aggripina – George’s fellow RTA (Summer 2014). Lover of adventure.
  • Alice – George’s ex (Freshman Year), and an old friend of his. See “HISTORIES – Alice” for more info.
  • Amy – An old friend of Fred’s.
  • Anne – Victor’s friend. Just friends.
  • Anthony – A friend of Kieran’s and George’s from the Summer 2012 science research camp.
  • Alashua (aka Ash) – George’s ex (Freshman Year), and still a great friend of his. See “HISTORIES – Alashua” for more info.
  • Carl – Jane’s mother’s husband.
  • Carrie – George’s ex (before the Academy). See “HISTORIES – Carrie” for more info.
  • Christi – Fred’s ex (before the Academy). See “HISTORIES – Christi” for more info.
  • Evelyn – Violet’s ex-girlfriend (Summer 2013 – Fall 2013).
  • Geneva – Violet’s sister.
  • Heather – An old friend of Kieran’s.
  • Ken – Fred’s best friend from middle school.
  • Lacey – Selena’s friend from home.
  • Lexi – A girl George pursued (Summer 2012) at a science research camp. See “HISTORIES – Lexi” for more info.
  • Lizette – The artist Violet works with.
  • Matt – An old friend of George’s. Also dated Alice.
  • Olympias – George’s fellow RTA (Summer 2014). Employs a rather dark sense of humor.
  • Phoenix – One of Fred’s old romantic interests. See “HISTORIES – Phoenix” for more info.
  • Roxie Hinckley – Fred’s ex (Junior Year). Don’t ask. See “HISTORIES – Roxie” for more info.
  • Virgo – Kieran’s ex (Freshman Year). See “HISTORIES – Virgo” for more info.

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