• Alex – A down-to-earth girl, roommate of Kailey. Graduated ’14.
  • Alyx – A fellow League of Legends player, very into cosplay and loves to cook. Also Fred’s girlfriend.
  • Arwen – A girl Fred tried to set up with Tex. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out.
  • Chloe – One of Fred’s hall mates.
  • Dulcinea – A girl who has very similar interests as Fred. See “Fighting Windmills” for more info. Graduated ’14.
  • Forrest – Fred’s former roommate.
  • Harmony – The first director who Fred enjoyed working for. Graduated ’14.
  • Kailey – A party girl, roommate of Alex. Graduated ’14.
  • Lily – A girl in most of Fred’s classes. See “Picking Flowers” for more info.
  • Maxium – One of Fred’s friends. Does most of the same events. Used to work at the same job.
  • Morgan – A girl who Fred’s impression of has changed drastically.
  • Renee – A intense theater girl. Double majoring in Theater and English. Also shares the same musical taste as Fred.
  • Sophia – The mother hen of the dorm. Helps Fred work through many things.
  • Tex – One of Fred’s closest friends at Cornell. Wingman each other.
  • Walter – Gave Fred his start in theater at Cornell. Graduated ’14.
  • Wendy – An eccentric girl Fred knows.
  • Yael – Worked with Fred on Renee’s show, hang out from time to time.

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