About the Characters

In case you lose track, here’s a running-update cast list. Note from the Admins: we will not be adding characters from fictional prose or most other prose, and are doing our best to keep this page updated. The new college cast is making this very difficult.

The Roomies

Other Writers

  • Carlos Quentin – Brother of George and fellow cross country runner with Fred and Victor. Bit of a gamer and TV watcher.
  • Isabel Reven – A friend of the Roomies. See “Ohaithar” for more info.
  • Jane H. Blood – A mutual friend of the Roomies. Intense swimmer. See “About the Authors” for more info.
  • Noah “Danger” Halsey – A friend of the Fred’s who has the same interests. He is also very interested in film, like Victor and plays Mario Kart.
  • Victor T. Paulsen – Our buddy. Plays hockey, makes movies, gets good grades, refuses to let us wingman him. See “Victor” for more info.

Former Writers

  • Aria DuSwenn – A fellow blogger who has read DRR for some time. Former writer for DRR. See “Intro” for more info.
  • Cynthia Ballantyne – From South Africa and very cool. A’13. Former writer for DRR. See “Presenting DJ Cynthia Ballantyne” for more info.
  • Delilah Flynn – A fellow blogger who read the blog, but then became a writer!
  • Hamilton J. Christopher III – A mutual friend of the Roomies; used to sit with them a lot at Academy meals. Once pursued Demi; also friends with Kieran. Former writer for DRR. See “Hamilton, 参上!” for more info. A’14.
  • Kieran Adams – An old friend of the Roomies. Quite eccentric, also the keys player in the Roomies’ band. Former writer for DRR. See “Kieran has joined your party!” for more info.
  • Selena Deneuve – Kieran’s girlfriend. Former writer for DRR. See “Selena Writes Her First Selena Thing” and “HISTORIES – Selena” for more info. A’13.
  • Violet Istvan (aka Écrivaine) – A friend of Rose’s who she introduced to George. She lives far away from the Academy. Former writer for DRR.

Recurring Characters

  • Will be filled as the Admins see fit!

Other Characters

As this list has expanded, the Admins decided that branching off the Character Page to specific pages was best. For more information on these characters, please follow the following links:

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