This is a running list of all the lingo that we use, so that you don’t get lost while reading!

Academy Related:

  • The Academy – The Roomies’s old High School.
  • The Cafe – Another place to eat at the Academy.
  • The Cafeteria – Where all the students from the Academy eat.
  • The College Wing – Where the College Advisers work.
  • Graduation – Self explanatory.
  • Homecoming – The first big dance of the Academy.
  • Prom – The final big dance of the Academy.
  • RA – Residential Assistant.
  • Senior Spring – A “myth” about the Academy that Seniors get to slack off from March until Graduation. Completely true.
  • The Square – Where the Seniors of the Academy hang out during the day, right outside the Cafe.
  • The Village – Where the Academy is located.
  • Walkback – A courtship at the Academy where you escort someone back to their dorm at night.

Outside of the Academy:

  • Cornell University (formerly known as AGU) – Where Fred attends school.
  • Philadelphia (formerly known as City) – Where Penn is located.
  • University of Pennsylvania (formerly known as College) – Where George and Evan attend school.
  • DRR – Shorthand for daroomiesroom.
  • Puedelag – Where George lives.
  • RT13 – An epic Summer Roadtrip that Fred, George, Victor and Cynthia went on.

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