About the Blog

This blog was originally created by Fred Dreamer and George Quentin. We made it to post about our life at the Academy during our Senior year. Along the way, our friend Victor T. Paulsen joined as our first author. Then, we brought in Cynthia Ballantyne as our second author.

In Summer 2013, Kieran Adams replaced the previous two authors as we began taking applications. Over the course of that summer we also welcomed Violet Istvan, Jane H. Blood, Isabel Reven, Aria DuSwenn, Hamilton J. Christopher III, and Selena Deneuve to the writing team. The 2013-2014 school year was one of a lot of writer turnover; Noah Halsey and Delilah Flynn joined the team, but at the end of the year all had left or been dismissed but Jane, Isabel, and Noah.

In Summer 2014, Victor returned as a writer; Carlos Quentin and Adina Canción joined the writing team.

Daroomiesroom has no niche except to allow writers a place to tell whatever stories they want to tell. Writers are encouraged to write for Monthly Challenges, but no themes or topics are required. We have a rather eclectic group of writers who write about a myriad of different things, and our goal is always to expand our writing team and the styles of posting that come with different writers.

We currently own the domain of the blog and are always looking for new readers and people to help spread daroomiesroom.com around!

Thank you for reading as we continue to post about our lives and antics at the Academy… and beyond!

-The Admins (Fred and George)

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