Name: Fred Dreamer (short for Fredrick)

Blog RankAdministrator

Joined the BlogOctober 2012

Favorite Thing to Post AboutGenerally, I like to post about life experiences and things that are currently going on in my life. But that can be boiled down to a few specific things: people, music and games. In that order.

Favorite of my Own PostsHISTORIES – MADISON“, “Exit Stage Left (Right?)“, and “10 Things I’ve Learned Through Cooking

Favorite Post Written by Another: “Let’s Talk About a Game Called Katawa Shoujo.” – Kieran Adams

Academy StatusGraduate (class of 2013)

Why I Write for DRRI find that writing is a very cathartic experience that allows for me to get my thoughts down about anything that I am thinking. I go into further detail about that “here.” I started writing with George back in October, 2012. That feels like so long ago… And since then I think we have come a long way in our writing. I write for the blog because it gives me a record of my thoughts.

Personal BioCommonly found on my amazingly awesome computer, which I custom built for gaming, I am an antics-loving Freshman at Cornell. I enjoy cooking my own food and you do NOT want to see me on a caffeine high. George can second that. I get by with the 5 hours of sleep per night pretty well, but sometimes wish I could sleep more. I am much more of a Theater Geek than anything else, but I do run often to stay in shape. I am double majoring in two very unique subjects with a minor in Computer Science, because I love to program on the side (I am currently working on my own RPG (Stay tuned for info!)).

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