About the Writers

The ranks (within brackets) are explained here. Awards are listed in bullet-point form below each writer’s name & bio.

The Administrators

I’m Fred Dreamer (short for Fredrick). Commonly found on my amazingly awesome computer, which I custom built for gaming, I am an antics-loving member of the Class of 2017 at Cornell. I enjoy cooking my own food and you do NOT want to see me on a caffeine high. George can second that. I get by with the 5 hours of sleep per night pretty well, but sometimes wish I could sleep more. I am much more of a Theater Geek than anything else, but I do run often to stay in shape. I am double majoring in two very unique subjects with a minor in Computer Science, because I love to program on the side (I am currently working on my own RPG (Stay tuned for info!)). [Prolific, Bronze Star, Veteran]

I’m George Quentin, an antics-loving graduate with the Class of 2013 at the Academy. I make ramen all the time and love caffeine. I don’t sleep a whole lot. I am from Puedelag, Connecticut. I enjoy math and science, and am currently writing a sci-fi novel series. I watch lots of movies and TV shows (especially sci-fi), and my favorite musical genres include metal, rock, and dubstep. I am in the Class of 2017 at the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Psychology. I care deeply for my friends, have a strict sense of loyalty, and love helping people whenever I can.  [Prolific First Class, Bronze Star, Veteran]

The Authors

Sadly, we currently have no Authors!

The Contributors

I’m Adina Canción. I’m a playwright living in Philadelphia and taking classes at Penn with George. I’m majoring in communications and minoring in creative writing, and I like blogging about being a millennial, dating, communications, and living in the city. I joined the blog in June 2014. [Shy, Veteran]

I’m Carlos Quentin. I am a bit of a gamer and TV watcher. I’m Class of 2016 at the Academy and George’s younger brother. I joined the blog in June 2014. [Shy, Veteran]

I’m Isabel Reven. I am a writer/novelist and graduated with the Class of 2014 from the Academy. I joined the blog in July 2013. [Shy First Class, Veteran]

I’m Jane H. Blood. I am a good friend of the Roomies from the Academy, where I am Class of 2015. I swim and get obsessed with bands. I joined the blog in July 2013. [Worker, Bronze Star, Veteran]

  • Victor T. Paulsen Memorial Award, 2013
  • Cynthia Ballantyne Memorial Award, 2013
  • Frenzy Award, 2013 – 26 posts (tie)
  • Silver Icicle Award, 2014  – 8 posts
  • Cynthia Ballantyne Memorial Award, 2014 – 10 posts

I’m Noah Halsey, but you can call me Noah Halsey. I’m probably the coolest guy you’ll ever meet. Also the most humble. I write about pretty much everything, and probably what I’ll post on here is some of my writing and opinion pieces. I’m Class of 2016 at the Academy. I joined the blog in November 2013. [Shy First Class, Veteran]

I’m Victor T. Paulsen. An old friend of Da Roomies, I am really into film. At the Academy I played some hockey and ran cross country and track, as well as making some internationally acclaimed short films. I was the first writer to join the blog after the Admins; I started with the blog in February 2013 and wrote until July 2013, at which point I took a leave of absence until June 2014. [Worker First Class, Veteran]

  • Victor T. Paulsen Memorial Award, 2014

Former Writers

Aria DuSwenn – 2 posts – 8/5/13 to 11/11/13 [Shy, Recruit]

Cynthia Ballantyne – 5 posts – 6/4/13 to 11/11/13 [Shy, Recruit]

Hamilton J. Christopher III – 4 posts – 8/12/13 to 11/30/13 [Shy, Recruit]

Violet Istvan – 8 posts – 7/11/13 to 11/30/13 [Shy, Recruit]

Delilah Flynn – 1 post – 11/13/13 to 12/31/13 [Shy, Recruit]

Kieran Adams – 26 posts – 7/11/13 to 12/31/13 [Worker, Bronze Star, Regular]

  • Observation Award, 2013
  • Frenzy Award, 2013 – 26 posts (tie)

Selena Deneuve – 20 posts – 8/9/13 to 2/1/14 [Shy First Class, Bronze Star, Recruit]

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