3 comments on “League 2014 Update #1: Summer Playoffs

      • Statistically, Quas actually leads the league in top lane top-ness. but personally, I think ZionSpartan is the best top laner in NALCS at the moment.

        Also Hai needs to be playing an assassin (not favored in the current meta, but it’s starting to come back; see LMQ vs EG) in order to really shine, and same with XiaoWeiXiao. They haven’t really shown stellar performances on the long-range/farm/utility/poke champions like Xerath or Ziggs or even Orianna–as the meta has favored the past couple of patches. On the other hand, Pobelter and Bjergsen have shown that they can play all-in assassins (like Zed) but also perform and carry equally well with picks like Ryze or Lulu.

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