January 2014

  • New Year’s Day!
  • 1/1 – Delilah and Kieran leave the blog
  • The Academy’s second semester begins
  • George visits the Academy
  • Fred reaches ranked play in League

February 2014

  • Rose visits Penn
  • It snows. A lot. At Penn and Cornell.
  • Open Minds “Penn family” founded

March 2014

  • Isabel gets into college!
  • George visits Cornell

April 2014

  • Classes end at Penn

May 2014

  • Classes end at Cornell
  • George and Fred finish their first years of college
  • Classes end at the Academy
  • Graduation at the Academy

June 2014

  • Victor T. Paulsen returns to write for the blog
  • Fred takes cooking classes in NYC
  • George works as a lifeguard
  • George’s brother Carlos joins the blog
  • Fred and Alyx begin dating
  • Noah writes from South Africa
  • Adina joins the blog
  • George sees some movies
  • Steam Summer Sale

July 2014

  • STORIES begins!
  • Victor continues his Euro Trip
  • George tries to learn the bass

August 2014

  • Isabel begins her gap year
  • Fred builds Siren
  • George visits Rose in Canada
  • League of Legends.That is all.

September 2014

  • George invents Quentinism
  • Fred surprises Alyx at the airport
  • George begins playing Civ V
  • #GamerGate begins-ish

October 2014

  • College life picks up and DRR falls behind on posting

November 2014

  • Fred gets existential

December 2014

  • “The Interview” makes global news
  • Adina posts for the second time
  • George meets up with Evan
  • The year ends!

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